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Ladies guide to proper bathroom etiquette

Ladies guide to proper bathroom etiquette

I feel as if there should be some rules in regards to a certain standard we should uphold to as women while using a public restroom.

Have you noticed at nightclubs, restaurants; really anywhere with bathrooms how much messier the women’s restroom is than the men’s? (Yes I’ve stuck my head into many men’s bathrooms, and snuck into a few to use if the ladies bathroom at the club has a 15 min line up.

Here are a few things that I think could be confronted and changed, small things everyone can do while using a public restroom to make it a pleasant experience for everyone having their “alone time” and things that we can all do to help make sure the next lady in there doesn’t want to gag….

From the moment you enter:

DO NOT enter with anything along the lines of “It stinks in here, what’s that smell, EW”
– Duh, it stinks, it’s the bathroom, where I ran to because last nights curry dinner didn’t sit well with this mornings double espresso…. I’ve noticed women usually only say this when they are in the bathroom with their friends, but imagine being that poor chick on the toilet already sitting there beet red in the face because she’s horrified she had to use the public bathroom so she didn’t have to crap her pants at her desk.

Choosing a stall is hard isn’t it? *insert sarcasm. I seriously don’t get it… There are 6 stalls in total, one other person using a toilet. WHY do you chose the one RIGHT beside that person trying to pee and not be shy about a little fart slipping out. The only excuse I would find relatively reasonable to this is if all the other stalls are disgusting, which leads to…

Wiping the seat down before and after has been my routine since forever. I remember seeing an Oprah episode where she had scientists talking about bathrooms and how clean they are, pee is sterile, sit your ass down or hover slightly sure but please if you hover and pee all over the seat and floor like a race horse, please take two seconds and a bundle of toilet paper and wipe that crap off. It’s gross and you’re being disrespectful to the person who would rather not have to wipe your pee off their pants. I wipe before for peace of mind, and I wipe after to be polite, simple as that.

Washing your hands is important, do it, brushing your teeth, doing your make up, fixing your hair, are all important things too, but if there are two sides of mirrors, let the girl doing her makeup on one side do exactly that, don’t need to wash your hands right next to her, possibly splash her and also watch her awkwardly, its weird.

Its also weird when you peek through the toilet door crack

So remember, give space, clean up after yourself, don’t leave your bloody tampon in the toilet (not that hard to double check before you leave the stall) or your dirty pad stuck to the ground.

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  1. Nathalie Ruta says

    Great message! I laughed a lot…it almost feels like you fallow me at the washroom every time I have to go. Lol…it’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one who thought that the women’s washroom was the most dirty place inside clubs…good first blog…add more please!


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