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A little WestCoast roadtrip

Mike and I went on a week road trip from Vancouver to San Francisco , something I’ve always wanted to do and decided to jump on the opportunity after falling ill for a few weeks ( that new strain of flu argghhh) and not being able to fly to New Zealand ( too long of a flight having a minor lung infection). Below you can find a break down of where we stayed, the cost and a few things we  did ( other than walk around and check out dispensaries) Our journey commenced in Vancouver our 24 hour stops were as follows (We took the I-5 (highway) down and the 101 back ( coastal route ) ) PORTLAND, OREGON – 5.5 hour drive from Vancouver REDDING, CALIFORNIA – 8 hour drive from Portland SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – 3 hour drive from Redding ARCATA, CALIFORNIA – 5 hour drive from San Francisco Drove from Arcata to Portland and stayed in Portland for the night (7 hour drive) SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – 2.75 hour drive from Portland BACK …

Own Your Story: Vancouver workshop hosted by Ruby Fremon

My lovely spiritual sister Ruby Fremon is a transformational life coach as well as an energy healer and will be in Vancouver Saturday November 7th, 2015 hosting a workshop from 11 am – 1 pm Further information can be found at The growth I have seen arise in Ruby over the years I have known her is very telling of her work. She has helped many, including myself come to terms with accepting and creating positive change in life and taking full control of your own actions. Living authentically and self-empowerment is the major gains I’ve received from our relationship. I encourage you all to take a look at what she has to offer and step outside of your comfort zone. Especially, if you find yourself in a never-ending cycle/rut and are looking for a new direction to take/new approach that works.

Getting home safe: How trusted taxi drivers may not be so trustworthy after all

One of my closest girlfriends and I always talk about our horribly weird encounters with taxi drivers we’ve had over the previous weekend, (We both work in the industry, late nights and also enjoy our nights out on the town. We also both take taxis at LEAST once a day because we do not own cars). After hearing the same stories over and over again, but in different circumstances, I wondered how many other women were subject to the abuse and unwanted advances by these men who are employed to get women and people in general home safely, my friend inspired me to reach out and do my research, gather information and share the stories with you all. Let me begin with my first hand experience. My first unsavory encounter with a taxi driver in Vancouver BC Canada was at the age of 11, I was standing at a bus stop in the summer time, after a matinee on Granville street (when Granville 7 cinemas was still open). The bus stop was full of people …