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Tales from the eloping bride to be

Part One

If you follow me on social media you would be one of many who know from my bombardment of posts that I’ve recently got engaged.
It’s been like I’ve been living in a fairytale from the moment Mike (my fiancée) came into my life. (More about that another time.)


Mike and I on our way to our first engagement dinner with my family

My custom ring designed by my fiancee Mike and Dane at Cavalier Vancouver

My custom ring designed by my fiancee Mike and Dane at Cavalier Vancouver

The engagement process hasn’t been long but I’ve already been getting the over whelming questions; ‘Whens the big day”, “Where” etc etc.This lead us to the discussion on exactly that, and the conclusion that eloping would be the best option for us, our relationship and our personalities.


  • Why wait? We both agreed that the sooner this happens, the better. We already know we want to spend the rest of our lives together; our love was all based on spontaneous choices leading us to each other why not continue that tradition we’ve built.


  • We wanted this moment to be just about us, each other, not having to worry how everyone else is doing, timing, money or family drama. My idea was to also take the money we would have put in for a venue etc and put that towards extra touches for a super dope reception. When it all comes down to it, we both are very passionate about each other and we want this day to be about the passion we share, I don’t feel like entertaining anyone else except my husband on the day we are married.

Although I am eloping, I want to stress, I am still, a bride to be. I want everything on the day of the marriage ceremony and the day of the reception to be perfect.
I am feeling a little left out though, there aren’t many options that meet my needs/wants as an eloping bride to be in which I’ve been fully satisfied with.

The wedding show experience

Today I attended my first wedding show as a bride to be, The Just Add Love wedding show, hosted at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver BC.

It was sweet and small, made the experience feel much more intimate than the ones I’ve been to in the past, I didn’t feel bombarded by sales people etc etc. All of the vendors had the sweetest set ups and displays, from the moment I walked in I was excited to check everything out and bask in the glory of being engaged (haha). I did notice one thing though; there wasn’t much talk on eloping couples etc. I wish there were more businesses that offer full services when it comes to eloping.

My entry for the Opus hotel draw at the Just add love wedding show

My entry for the Opus hotel draw at the Just add love wedding show

If you are a bride to be who happens to be planning an elopement, try not to let it get to you that much when people get disappointed the moment they hear that you are running off with your love. The huge show isn’t for everybody, I would personally rather not be stressed out on the day I devote myself to sharing life with another person. I’ll save that for the night of the party when the cure for late caterers is a couple shots of tequila.

  • Stay tuned on more to come while I organize my dream day.

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