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6 Guys who end up being a future waste of time

Many of my girlfriends, myself included have dated some weirdos in the past, weirdos that after we finally managed to end these sort yet wasteful periods, we wished they just wouldn’t have happened in the first place. I’ve put together a short list of some of the horror story guys. What traits to watch for before you have dug yourself too deep.
I feel like within the first month of regularly dating someone new, you know if they are exclusive relationship status worthy. What many women are willing to do too often is settle. Loneliness and low self worth play a huge factor for why we settle. We were all warned by specific actions that we all just chose to ignore. Don’t ignore the red flags, always go with your gut instinct.

  1. The self-adsorbed/delusional guy

The guy who will only stare at himself in the closet mirrors while doing you from behind. We are all about self love but if it comes to a point that you’d rather stare at yourself in the mirror to flex while you get off. Get out of here. Is always late, is usually wearing some sort of “designer” replica belt. Think “fucci”

  1. The player

He’s known all over your city, and the next. His social media is full of women sending him kisses and inside joke type comments. This is the guy that has a girlfriend in every city. Walk away, speed walk. If its not an STD he’ll definitely bring you home a few new baby mamas

  1. The I live in my parents basement guy

Says he’s going to move out soon but he’s now almost 30 that ship sailed after he decided not to go to college. He doesn’t pay rent, any bills and has been on his parents cell phone plan since high school

  1. The bro’s before hoes guy

Women aren’t hoes period. Make him put the Pabst down and wash his mouth out with soap. A man who thinks guys are gods gift to women and has to appear like a macho bros bro while surrounded by his peers will not learn how to properly communicate with normal society and will make you look weak. Don’t bother. He probably wouldn’t come to your rescue in a time of need

  1. The shit talker

Dude will talk shit about everyone he knows to everyone he knows. He’ll talk shit about you when all is said and done, don’t waste your time telling him your most inner desires, it’ll back fire one day

  1. The black out drunk

Every date involves alcohol, and him causing a scene.Being embarrassed and having to babysit a grown man wasn’t cute the 1st date, it won’t be cute the 20th date either. He’ll also piss your bed at least once

In saying this, every relationship you have, is a lesson in life gained, and dealing with personalities like the ones listed above or something similar isn’t always a curse, it can help teach you things about yourself and make you grow as a person. That thought alone should help you sleep at ease a little more at night.

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