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Christmas tree fire hazard 

Just wanted to put out a public warning not to buy this tree topper from shoppers drugmart. Husband and I were putting up our decorations, turned on all the lights including our tree topper star. Enjoyed a drink and suddenly I could smell something was burning. It was our tree. The cord that attaches the stars batteries is done so with hot glue, which had completely melted due to the way the cords were connected and the metal bits were smoking, the whole unit was so hot that it melted the top of our tree. I know that one should not leave on their lights when they head out of the house but many do not follow that rule. Had we stepped out, it could have been a disaster, right before the holidays. We have a dog, we just lost one dog a few weeks ago, I can’t imagine the state is be in if we had lost another due to a fire in our apartment. So please save yourself the potential disaster and do not buy the xmas star tree topper from shoppers drug mart.  


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