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Ramen Hunter – Marutama Ra-men

Today was my one day off after 6 days straight working at the airport. So it was time, after all my errands were finished, the very minimal amount of raindrops on my windshield was reason enough for a comforting treat. This lead me to Marutama Ra-men located at 780 Bidwell st in Vancouver BC Canada.

Located off to the side of Robson, theres plenty of street parking surrounding this area and if you manage to avoid rush our traffic coming in and out of Georgia street, you’re in the clear!

I’ve always heard that you usually wait for a spot at Marutama due to the small intimate seating. Today was my lucky day, walked up to the entrance with a sweet little sign “No waiting, Please come in”
The menu is simple offering the basics as well as basic explanations of what everything is. **No MSG No Preservatives
Everything made in house

DSC00091I opted for a Tamago Ramen ( Spicy) with a side of Daikon ( White radish oden)

– Very rich soup base but light, not thick ( lard level is just right ) everything about the soup is well balanced
– Noodles = Thin, perfect Al Dente texture
– Egg PERFECT/ Marinated all the way through, yolk was soft and wet

Daikon – Wasn’t a huge fan, I prefer my Daikon chilled they don’t taste like they are full of water when they are cold. DSC00096

Before tip this very filling meal came under $20 ( before tip )


Definitely on the top of my local Ramen spots in Vancouver. Give it a try.

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