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MGV – Machine Guns Vegas

All I can start off with is, DO IT. You’ll have a “blast”…

Part of my husbands bday present ( delayed trip as his birthday is in November) was his choice to either race his favourite car or go to the gun range. Secretly I was hoping he’d choose the gun range because I’ve always wanted to shoot a hand gun. Now I can proudly say I have, whilst admitting that the loud noises of the guns make me jump haha.

I booked us in at MGV-Machine Gun Vegas under the Urban Assault  Experience for $99 each. Michael added an AK-47 for $54.95, a Desert Eagle .50cal for $65.00 and an RPK for $59.00 to his package. Well worth it.

We got picked up at our hotel in a comfortable air-conditioned van, decked out with machine guns on top, and an awesome/friendly driver (don’t forget to always tip your drivers, especially for completely shuttle service). The drive to the compound was about 20 mins (there was one other pick up as well as traffic).

When we arrived we were greeted by a hostess and our packages were explained to us. We were then introduced to the man who would be teaching us about our guns and helping us, Franco. He was a retired veteran, super informative, helpful and friendly. We had a great time and learnt so much.

One thing a lot of people don’t realize about shooting guns is how loud they are. Wow, I jumped so much from the noise of shots being fired.

Check out our SnapChat story from the day

Overall Price VS Experience 10/10

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