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Ramen Hunter-Ramen Gojiro


Unlike when your mother says “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all..”  I really have to say a few things…

It was a rainy day, around 3 pm. I had just completed working a 12 hour shift, my day was over. Tired, sore and ready for bed, what I wanted was something easy and comforting, what I got was overcooked, fatty and disappointment.

After walking into the restuarant and waiting awkwardly at the door of a resturant 1/3 full, the really sweet waitresses stopped talking and acknowledged me to seat myself and wait for them. All good, sat myself, got a menu 4 mins later ( menu is very small plus I knew what I had come in for to test out) Ordered 7 mins later, food came relatively quickly at 6 mins.

I was hungry…not that hungry, but the guy sitting across from me got the regular bowl which was topped with only two small nuggets of chicken, and I love fried chicken, Japanese or Popeyes, doesn’t matter.

I ordered ‘SPICY BAKAMORI KARATE’ — “More meat. More noodles. More toppings. More everything. If you’re hungry, we are glad you’re reading this.” Quote end quote.
Mod: No beansprouts. Rich broth, spicy. Added an egg and bamboo shoots.
They offered me a bib, I declined.

Slide show pretty much shows it all

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Chicken: Unevenly cooked, cut and battered. If the chicken were cut up into smaller chunks rather than a whole boneless thigh, it would have been easier to not only cook but also eat.
The Soup base: bland, flavourless, luke warm. Not spicy one bit. Huge chunks of solid fat, thin consistency.
Noodles: Thick, I really dislike almost udon size noodles in ramen but they were cooked perfectly. ( Would still opt for thin noodles if they carried them)
Egg: Wasn’t marinated long enough, yolk was good but could have been a little less cooked.
Gyoza: Great crispy pan fry, could use more seasoning

Overall, pass. 3/10 – They get points for their perfectly cooked noodles, they delicious ramen sauce and their gyoza and egg.

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