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Ramen Hunter-Danbo

Kitsilano Location: Sweet little hole in the wall I’ve been to many times. This time I finally took pictures.

I usually come here when I’m starving and in the neighbourhood. This day I ordered my usual which is ‘Classic Tonkotsu Ramen ‘Shio’’ – “A Shio (salt) version of our Classic
A pure and simple Tonkotsu soup broth and special Shio ramen-dare soup base rich with taste and body – a return to our Kyushu roots.” $9.95
+++ ‘C’ Set “Your choice of ramen with 3-pieces of pan-fried Yaki Gyoza and a soft drink or green tea.” Add $4.00

The thing I love about Danbo is that you get to customize your bowl by choosing:

– The firmness of the noodles
– The thickness of the soup
– The amount of lard
– The amount of spiciness
– Additional/Toppings $$

I always order: Firm, Strong thickness, Standard lard, A lot of spicy sauce
Add on: Egg

Pork: I always think their pork slices could be a little thicker here, but it is cooked perfectly. Could use a tiny bit more seasoning.

Soup: Flavour, and temperature is there. Could use a little bit more thickness because I did order strong thickness level, could have a lot used a bit more hot sauce. I might opt for getting a lot of lard next time to see if that makes a difference at all.

Noodles: Thin, cooked perfectly. I love the flavour of their noodles here.

Egg: I personally prefer when my eggs are kept whole, less of a chance of over cooking the yolk in the soup. Yolk could have been less cooked, egg seasoned/marinated well.

Gyoza: Little ones, I’m glad they are so you aren’t too full before soup. They are okay, I only really order them when I’m wanting a full meal.

7/10 Go, its worth it, cute little space, really great service. Not perfect but close runner up…

1833 W 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1M4

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