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Rant of the day 


Since when did it become okay for society to publicly shame people for their choices in clothes, appearance or style?

This past year I’ve seen posts on FB that have really made me shake my head, it’s one thing to be funny, another to start a group of hateful bullying comments…

Guess who they are always targeted at lately?! WOMEN!

Guess whom they are usually started by? MEN!

What I find worse is, there is always one woman who wants to be one of the boys so bad that she’ll comment something to shame other women to try and get likes/attention. You my friend are pathetic and yes I am judging you.

To everyone who wants to post things on how body builder women are sexier than natural women, how skinny women have it bad because fat women have learned to embrace themselves a bit after years of oppression, how UGG boots make you look stupid/cheap, how high waisted jean shorts are unflattering etc etc I have one thing to say to you…..


If someone wants to wear something, be comfy, try a new trend, be fat, skinny…. Who cares?!

It’s not YOU, the only person you have the right to judge appearance wise is yourself.

If you are a man, shaming these/any women online, shame on you! Not only for starting conversations like this, but for getting people riled up, for encouraging bully behavior and mentality. What if it were your daughter, niece or friend with low self-esteem, reading the comments to see everyone hate when all she really needs is a bit of encouragement and social acceptance.

Enough of the hate, time to fill your feeds with love, support, and put that passion/fire/verbal diarrhea, hating on others to something useful!! We need to stand for something like awareness of social problems around the world, there are so many social injustices happening in our world, our own country, that we should be furious about. Yet we decide to dwell on the girl walking down the street in dirty uggs.

Make your voice useful.

Good day.

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