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Ramen Hunter – Marutama Ra-men

Today was my one day off after 6 days straight working at the airport. So it was time, after all my errands were finished, the very minimal amount of raindrops on my windshield was reason enough for a comforting treat. This lead me to Marutama Ra-men located at 780 Bidwell st in Vancouver BC Canada.

Located off to the side of Robson, theres plenty of street parking surrounding this area and if you manage to avoid rush our traffic coming in and out of Georgia street, you’re in the clear!

I’ve always heard that you usually wait for a spot at Marutama due to the small intimate seating. Today was my lucky day, walked up to the entrance with a sweet little sign “No waiting, Please come in”
The menu is simple offering the basics as well as basic explanations of what everything is. **No MSG No Preservatives
Everything made in house

DSC00091I opted for a Tamago Ramen ( Spicy) with a side of Daikon ( White radish oden)

– Very rich soup base but light, not thick ( lard level is just right ) everything about the soup is well balanced
– Noodles = Thin, perfect Al Dente texture
– Egg PERFECT/ Marinated all the way through, yolk was soft and wet

Daikon – Wasn’t a huge fan, I prefer my Daikon chilled they don’t taste like they are full of water when they are cold. DSC00096

Before tip this very filling meal came under $20 ( before tip )


Definitely on the top of my local Ramen spots in Vancouver. Give it a try.

Christmas tree fire hazard 

Just wanted to put out a public warning not to buy this tree topper from shoppers drugmart. Husband and I were putting up our decorations, turned on all the lights including our tree topper star. Enjoyed a drink and suddenly I could smell something was burning. It was our tree. The cord that attaches the stars batteries is done so with hot glue, which had completely melted due to the way the cords were connected and the metal bits were smoking, the whole unit was so hot that it melted the top of our tree. I know that one should not leave on their lights when they head out of the house but many do not follow that rule. Had we stepped out, it could have been a disaster, right before the holidays. We have a dog, we just lost one dog a few weeks ago, I can’t imagine the state is be in if we had lost another due to a fire in our apartment. So please save yourself the potential disaster and do not buy the xmas star tree topper from shoppers drug mart.  


Own Your Story: Vancouver workshop hosted by Ruby Fremon

My lovely spiritual sister Ruby Fremon is a transformational life coach as well as an energy healer and will be in Vancouver Saturday November 7th, 2015 hosting a workshop from 11 am – 1 pm

Ruby Fremon - Own your story workshop Nov 7th

Ruby Fremon – Own your story workshop Nov 7th

Further information can be found at

The growth I have seen arise in Ruby over the years I have known her is very telling of her work. She has helped many, including myself come to terms with accepting and creating positive change in life and taking full control of your own actions. Living authentically and self-empowerment is the major gains I’ve received from our relationship. I encourage you all to take a look at what she has to offer and step outside of your comfort zone. Especially, if you find yourself in a never-ending cycle/rut and are looking for a new direction to take/new approach that works.

Raising a helplessly weak generation

When I say weak, I’m not talking about physically weak but weak in character.

I was sitting at a lunch, joking around with my friend’s 9-year-old daughter who had a wiggly tooth. I stated that I could get her more money quickly if she really wanted to add to her candy drawer. With excitement she asked me how. I told her I’d tie her tooth to a door or a car and quickly pop it out. I assured her she wouldn’t feel a thing and that I did that once as a kid. She cried, I got in trouble for the conversation. This isn’t the first time I’ve said that to a kid with them almost in tears or actually in tears. There have been other children, younger actually who thought that concept is great because for a second of inconvenience they saw that the return was worth it.

Anyways, my first point

Why are we creating a world that is terrifying to children. We’ve created a world where children are afraid of everything. No matter how small the risk and how big the reward; they still don’t have enough faith in themselves as human beings to take that initial action of stepping outside of their comfort zone to achieve something.

The other day my friend and I were talking about this and he brought up a very true statement. This generation, our generation is the first generation that grew up (if in a first world country) without the threat of being drafted into a war or a disease, wiping people out. Therefore we are raising children who (knock on wood) don’t have to feel the threat of something as real as war, or the after effects of a war.

Although yes, we live in a world full of monsters; why is our generation making sure the next is too afraid to walk two blocks alone instead of being taught what to do if they were presented with a dangerous situation. I would rather my children be smart enough to know how to react when in the middle of conflict and know what is right or wrong, than think I will always be there to dig them out of any painful experience in life.

I will always be there for the people I love. Sometimes you aren’t there the moment you are needed and that is life. We need to teach our children that they need to depend on themselves for conflict resolution and not to be too scared to at least try and fail because life is about experience, trail and error.

As a child, I would always threaten my parents that I would run away, I’d pack a backpack and go to the park. Every time I threatened, my Dad would say “Great! Bye!” I’d always come back. I knew that if my dad wasn’t too concerned about whatever I was upset about, it really wasn’t worth it. I always had to prove a point though and always left then came back. This doesn’t happen any more, because our kids can’t even go to the park alone. Instead children threaten their parents in a more scary way. With their lives.

It worries me that children threaten to (and do) kill themselves for reasons like

– Having their cellphones/electronics/social media taken away
– Failing grades at school
– Being bullied

The threat of killing yourself shouldn’t be taken lightly. Mental illness/ depression is not a joke; it is not something you throw around as a threat. We need to teach our children that their life is more important than missing out on a grade, or an hour of video games and even though failure sucks, it happens, so deal with it and learn from it. I’m not sure if more and more child are threatening those around them with ending their lives because of true mental illness, a feeling of complete hopelessness, or just because they can’t take no for an answer. These things need to be addressed and nipped in the butt. (Please do not think I am taking away from the severity of suicide in youth, it’s a painful thing, I’ve had many friends pass this way but it isn’t in reflection to anything I am saying here- Note- Mental illness is a serious issue, this is not the discussion on hand)

The age of cyber bulling, internet shaming, whatever you want to call it. It’s tough, I get it. People hide behind a screen and say horrible, cruel things because they feel protected. Does it mean it’s any worse from when we were kids? No, there were still bullies then. I remember being 14 and having someone I believed to be my best friend make a fake myspace account to try and convince me to kill myself and go “play in traffic”. When I started getting those messages, I blatantly told her to “fuck off” and she did exactly that. There were bullies growing up from 5 years old till now at 25 years old. I’ve found how you deal with them when first encountered, determines your strength and self-confidence. Kids are mean, little girls relationships with other little girls need to be monitored as they can be horrible little bitches. I want to teach my kids a few things that I believe will help them build good character. Have them be so confident in themselves and who they are that no one else can dictate their success and their stress that future is in their own hands. Teach them that they do indeed have control. I would want my children to also be able to communicate with me as a human being, an equal. Where if they felt threatened by bullies and truly couldn’t handle it, we could have a conversation and address what is happening rather than it reach a point of depression and loss of self-worth.

Dealing with conflict and learning to resolve incidents on the playground creates stepping-stones for their future in not only conflict resolution but also dealing with the constant rejection life brings us.

Spoiled brat syndrome

Parenting by shielding your children (helicopter parents), providing too much of everything without requiring any work or input from the child themselves, never saying no, making our children believe that everything they do is great and improvement is not needed. Things we do that make our children’s expectations of their parents unachievable. Why make your life harder just because you can’t say no to your child? Having your child slap you across the face because you won’t let them have your phone but you still can’t muster up the words “no”. You know what will never happen? My future child trying to bully me into something by thinking its okay to be physical with me because I am seen as weaker than and they have no fear of me at all…. Yeah right.

I just recently read/watched a news piece about a restaurant owner yelling at a child for constantly screaming inside the restaurant for over 40 mins, while the parents did nothing and even refused to do anything when asked. How can you be so selfish and teach your child that interrupting other peoples experiences in life and being an annoyance is okay because the world centers around only you. Pack up your stuff, go home and teach your child that fun things end if they cannot listen/respect others. There have been many conversations, debates and interviews conducted about this incident. There is always two sides of every story. From the facts and lots of research here are my personal views:

  1. The restaurant owner should have just screamed at the parents because it was their fault the child was in distress
  2. It has been reported by a few patrons that the parents in fact were eating in front of the child and not feeding it… causing the screaming to occur. The parents should have been screamed at by not only the owner but other patrons. Time to stand up for what is right.
  3. Children should be taught (no matter how young) that being out is a privilege and if they cannot conduct themselves properly, the parents need to remove the child from where ever they are.
  4. There is always a consequence to any action. Both sides were in the wrong and frustration tends to make people act unreasonably.


Maybe you could try:

  • Saying no
  • Teaching your children that they are equal and can express themselves with conversation rather than dramatics (my parents did this with me)
  • Teaching boys that it’s okay to be emotional and not to be ashamed of expressing their feelings
  • Teaching girls that being pretty isn’t the most important thing in life
  • Telling our children to defend themselves if assaulted first
  • Having our children not be so gullible with strangers ( ie- if someone says they have to go with them or else they will hurt their family, scare tactics are what a lot of pedophiles use on children)
  • Teach our children that the world is a huge, yes scary place, but they have the strength to concur the world if they wanted to
  • Teach our boys that “boys will be boys” is never a good excuse for anything
  • Teach our children that as parents we are here to aid them, teach them, protect them and love them. That is all. Everything else is an added bonus.

Respect yourself enough as parents, to not be bullied into being that person you never wanted to be to your kids. You are the ADULT, you have the upper hand and when it comes down to it, what ever you say, goes.

Our wedding story

Our wedding story

Mike and I had only been engaged 4 months previous to us running off to elope. We knew what we wanted and we wanted it as soon as possible. My parents always joke that we eloped with “the courtesy of letting everyone know the ceremony date”…
I just always say, “ when you know, you know, and we knew”
0G6A6683R&M-100 R&M-83R&M-15R&M-32R&M-85
WHERE/LOCATION: Pt Dume Beach, Malibu California

WHEN: June 8th 2015, 5 pm

WHY: We knew we wanted to run away somewhere together and Vegas was a contender as the wedding planners in Hawaii were very expensive. We ended up deciding that we wanted to treat ourselves to a relaxing, indulging wedding trip rather than a “ party trip “. Getting married in the state of California was very important to me and I’m glad we ended up choosing my home state to intertwine the rest of our lives together. So we decided on Los Angeles (my dream forever home city) rather than San Francisco (where I was born) to lay down new roots.

HOW: I didn’t know where to start, so I did what I do to everything and used GOOGLE. I believe my search consisted of the words “ Elopement wedding planners Malibu area”. After a lot of research and emails sent, I came across a site “Los Angeles Beach Weddings“. The site  wasn’t glamorous and truthfully I thought it was going to be one of those fake online schemes. Lucky for me, after the first email with Michelle (Owner) I knew right away this was the route we needed to go. Michelle was in charge of providing me details of the location I had chosen, choices of officiates and booking them, organizing a photographer (we upgraded to the “ I do photography team”), flower ordering; bouquet, beach petals, boutonnière (getting my designs to the florist too)

OFFICIANT: I chose “The Officiate Guy” not only because he had many A-Lister wedding references but also because what he offered. He was in charge of submitting our license and paper work, giving us an immediate certificate and he allowed us to personalize our ceremony. The fact that we had him read a piece by Bob Marley about love was beautiful and really added to the experience.

OOTD: My dress is from a little Australian boutique “Sabo Skirt” and onsale for $60/audaw
Mike had a custom suit tailored (made to measure) from “Harry Rosen” in Vancouver BC Canada
diptych R&M-20

DINNER: We chose to have dinner at “Maestros”Click here to read my review

Mastro’s Steakhouse Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Where do I begin? Maybe with MEH…

We chose Maestros for our wedding night dinner because of the history and rave reviews but we experienced the exact opposite of what had been listed on yelp and other various review sites. Which lead me to believe that many of the reviews had been changed.

HIGHLIGHT : Live music
Love going anywhere with live music, both nights we went ( will explain more in a moment) the music was incredible and made the poor service bearable because at least we could listen to some awesome covers for 20 mins while waiting for someone to come by and take our drink order….

Wedding night – Was extremely busy which was great, especially for a Monday night. Full of business people, cougars, celebrity agents and Beverly hills residents .
No one paid attention to us, you could tell we were wed that day because I came in wearing my wedding dress, holding the ring boxes ad bouquet. We were first seated alone outside on the balcony, which was nice but away from the music and we were alone! As a couple in our late twenties/ early thirties, we want to be in the middle of all the excitement. We moved inside, to a table that was too small for our stuff we brought, let alone a full meal for two and drinks.

Sautéed Shrimp – Was good nothing exciting but sautéed shrimp isn’t usually that exciting so no complaints there
Caesar Salad – Don’t bother, Caesar dressing didn’t taste traditional no hints of anchovies, no fresh grated parmesan offered, no table side creation ( which I would expect at a restaurant of this caliber)
Filet 12oz – Mike had the steak and loved it, cooked perfectly and was tender
Alaskan King Crab Black Truffle Gnocchi – I had this, I absolutely hate when pasta/gnocchi/mac and cheese that’s been topped with a crust, it took away from the flavor of the king crab ( what little flavor of crab there was) and was way too overpowering, every bite all I got was bread crumb.

DO NOT ORDER AN OLDFASHIONED IF YOU LOVE OLDFASHIONEDS, I had one sip and was super disappointed, they top it with soda (which you sold always ask the dining guest first for their preference AND there was no alcohol in it, I was a bartender for 10 years, I know when I’ve been short poured or if a drink is not made correctly)

All Mike ever drinks is Double Top Shelf Vodka and Sugar-Free Redbull in a tall glass. – They don’t give you the can so don’t bother asking for the whole can, and when he asked for it on the side, they gave him a shot glass full of redbull….Really? A redbull shot? How does that even make sense to any experienced bartender? I’d rather have questions asked to me when I’m ordering so they get it right than have to return the drink and get eyes rolled at me for wanting it right.

I had my Old-fashioned pushed to the side of the table waiting for our server to come over, I timed it 25 mins, until I had to ask her for a different drink as it wasn’t what I had hoped for, as if I was a burden to her, she took away my drink and returned with a Pomegranate Martini I ordered, which was delicious but not worth another 11 min wait.

When it was time for desert, I ordered a warm chocolate cake. If you have ever been to Cactus Club in Canada, think Lava cake but bigger, and drier. It was horrible. Along side the cake our server gave us another cake (because apparently we are fat) to congratulate us on our wedding. Sweet gesture but completely ridiculous. Mike doesn’t eat dessert and we had already ordered a desert, not sure why she thought it was a good idea. I think that if someone is celebrating something other than a birthday, such as an anniversary or wedding, the thing to offer them is a complementary glass of cheap champagne or sparking wine, especially if your dining guests are drinking alcohol.

So summarize our first experience, it was only okay and nothing special. I really wish we didn’t spend our wedding night there are it took away from the magic of the day a bit and wasn’t worth the $700+ we had spent.

Four days later, we decided to give Maestros another try. Mike explained that he was unhappy with our previous service when booking our reservation but that we wanted to try on a different weeknight to see if it was just the night that made everything difficult. We sat in the same area, as I wanted to hear and see the band. People watching this night was pretty much the same sort of crowd, lots of people having dinner meetings, which is weird to me as it is very loud there (not a bad thing, the music is wonderful).

Fresh Oysters on half shell, Snow Crab Claws, Crab Cocktail and Caviar – All plated on one of the ice towers, the presentation was stunning and the seafood was delicious. My favorite was the Crab Cocktail as the crab was super sweet.
Caesar Salad– Mike had it this time, he was equally as disappointed as I was (during the last dining) and only had two bites.
Filet 12oz – Mike had the steak again because he loved it and it was cooked the same this time, beautifully. He was very happy with his choice.
Lobster Bisque – I had the lobster Bisque, I will have it again. Was smooth, creamy and delicious, I loved the little hidden gem chunks of lobster. Mike doesn’t usually eat too much seafood but enjoyed this a lot. I actually wanted to get this the night of our wedding, unfortunately the server that night had described the bisque to be similar to a tomato soup (what?) and I decided against ordering it. Big mistake as it is my favorite thing I’ve had at the restaurant.

I stuck to Pomegranate Martini and Mike had his usual Double top shelf vodka and sugar free redbull (this time we asked for the vodka on the side and the redbull in a tall glass as they aren’t allowed to serve the can at the table)

Service this time was a lot better. More attentive, due to the fact that Mike complained about not having any attentive service the previous visit. I did how ever take a very long time to wait for a server when we had empty drinks, we had to flag her down each time we asked for something. Something I also noticed that happened a lot at this restaurant is the servers don’t ask how everything tastes, from the food, or drinks. This frustrates me because it makes it seem like we are being complete dicks coming out right and saying “excuse me I don’t like this” etc.

I will say, during both visits, the best staff were the hostesses and the buss boys. I’ve never seen such beautiful young women greeting guests with such genuine attitudes. The buss boys were on the tables quickly and were standing by keeping an eye out for as soon as there were empty plates.

Overall experience was only O.K.

I’d say a 4/10 and mostly due to the excellent music as well as that Pomegranate Martini.

Mr Chow Beverly Hills

Let me start with telling you, we ate here three times in a weeks stay…
That should pretty much define how much I love this place.

From the outside, and even the interior, you’d never guess that this was a Chinese restaurant. It has the layout and decor of a high end french restaurant with white table cloths etc
It’s not the prettiest of spaces, its has a simple lay out which you have to walk into, the bar is located at the entrance and blocks the view of the table inside ( I’m pretty sure this is because there are A-listers constantly dining at Mr Chow, we saw Liam Neeson)

The first time we went to Mr Chow was at the end of the lunch service, and they still managed to squeeze us in and even allowed us to take our time even though service had ended in the middle of our meal. We also went back again on two separate occasions for dinner.
Other than the food, the main reason why we kept coming back was due to the server we had every time “Patrick”. He provided the most attentive, knowledgeable and professional experience we’ve had out while dining. Not only that but the second time we came, he remembered our drinks and what we had ordered for lunch on our previous visit and made recommendations based on that, which was extremely impressive.
Items we tried were

  • Chicken Satay – to die for you must get this, Mike prefers his satays to be made from thicker cuts of chicken, and wasn’t extremely “peanuty” in his words but none the less, DELICIOUS
  • Glazed prawns w/ walnuts – this has always been my go to when eating Chinese in the states mostly because Canadian Chinese restaurants do not serve it. Mr Chow’s version is by far the most elegant flavour wise
  • Chicken Joanna – Michael loved this dish, it wasn’t my favorite but thats just a personal preference
  • Beijing Chicken
  • Velvet Chicken – My absolute favourite and to this day I cannot stop thinking about it
  • Fiery Beef- Was good for a few bites but was a little too on the sweet side for me, I couldn’t finish the dish and probably wouldn’t order it again
  • Lamb with spring onion – Nope, half of my family are Kiwis meaning I grew up eating Lamb on the daily and when it’s not cooked/seasoned right, its just not right in my head. I couldn’t stand the flavour or the over cooked texture of the lamb
  • Crab Claw – Delicious and kind of cute because of the presentation, Mike doesn’t like fish but really enjoyed his tiny bite I reluctantly offered him (because I didn’t want to share the goodness)
  • Vegetable fried rice – YUM, had it each time and every time it had different veggies. The only time I didn’t enjoy it as much was when they had edamame beans in it, it over powered the delicate flavour of all the yummy seasoning
  • Garlic broccoli – Patrick always asks you what your favourite vegetable is (for your side) we love broccoli, Mr Chow does his broccoli right. It was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of garlic. Perfect side veggie dish
Chicken Satay // Glazed Prawns w/ Walnuts

Chicken Satay // Glazed Prawns w/ Walnuts

Chicken Satay // Glazed Prawns w/ Walnuts close us lol

Chicken Satay // Glazed Prawns w/ Walnuts close us lol

Garlic Broccoli // Fiery Beef

Garlic Broccoli // Fiery Beef

Velvet Chicken

Velvet Chicken

Mr Oldfashioned

Mr Oldfashioned

Crab Claw

Crab Claw


Highly recommend trying the Mr. Oldfashioned ( I forget if thats the actual name but its close to it)
We also recommend doing the SEMI PRIX FIXE when eating there, makes more sense money/food wise.

Monday – Friday
12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Monday – Sunday
6:00 pm – 11:30 pm

6 Guys who end up being a future waste of time

Many of my girlfriends, myself included have dated some weirdos in the past, weirdos that after we finally managed to end these sort yet wasteful periods, we wished they just wouldn’t have happened in the first place. I’ve put together a short list of some of the horror story guys. What traits to watch for before you have dug yourself too deep.
I feel like within the first month of regularly dating someone new, you know if they are exclusive relationship status worthy. What many women are willing to do too often is settle. Loneliness and low self worth play a huge factor for why we settle. We were all warned by specific actions that we all just chose to ignore. Don’t ignore the red flags, always go with your gut instinct.

  1. The self-adsorbed/delusional guy

The guy who will only stare at himself in the closet mirrors while doing you from behind. We are all about self love but if it comes to a point that you’d rather stare at yourself in the mirror to flex while you get off. Get out of here. Is always late, is usually wearing some sort of “designer” replica belt. Think “fucci”

  1. The player

He’s known all over your city, and the next. His social media is full of women sending him kisses and inside joke type comments. This is the guy that has a girlfriend in every city. Walk away, speed walk. If its not an STD he’ll definitely bring you home a few new baby mamas

  1. The I live in my parents basement guy

Says he’s going to move out soon but he’s now almost 30 that ship sailed after he decided not to go to college. He doesn’t pay rent, any bills and has been on his parents cell phone plan since high school

  1. The bro’s before hoes guy

Women aren’t hoes period. Make him put the Pabst down and wash his mouth out with soap. A man who thinks guys are gods gift to women and has to appear like a macho bros bro while surrounded by his peers will not learn how to properly communicate with normal society and will make you look weak. Don’t bother. He probably wouldn’t come to your rescue in a time of need

  1. The shit talker

Dude will talk shit about everyone he knows to everyone he knows. He’ll talk shit about you when all is said and done, don’t waste your time telling him your most inner desires, it’ll back fire one day

  1. The black out drunk

Every date involves alcohol, and him causing a scene.Being embarrassed and having to babysit a grown man wasn’t cute the 1st date, it won’t be cute the 20th date either. He’ll also piss your bed at least once

In saying this, every relationship you have, is a lesson in life gained, and dealing with personalities like the ones listed above or something similar isn’t always a curse, it can help teach you things about yourself and make you grow as a person. That thought alone should help you sleep at ease a little more at night.

Sol Pasta

I always use the app MyFitnessPal for Iphone when cooking meals while on a diet because I find it is the most accurate in determining calorie/nutritional value of your prepared meal.
Below I have posted photos of the ingredients used, including amounts, and calorie intake of each item.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

  1. On medium heat, heat pan and tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil. Add chopped onion and garlic until the onions become translucent
  2. Turn down heat to medium-low and add in chopped Zucchini, sliced cherry tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes. Cook for 10 mins
  3. Bring water to boil in separate pot
  4. Pasta base mixture should start to reduce, add in capers, Basa and Italiano seasoning. Continue to cook back up to Medium for 5 mins
  5. Cook pasta according to directions on the back of the bag, I prefer my pasta more on the al dente side, I cut the cooking time down by two mins as rice pasta tends to get soggy quickly
  6. Remove Basa pieces from pan, place on a baking sheet and cover with tinfoil, place in an oven that has been heated to 275 C. ( We do not want to over cook the basa, just keep it nice and warm)
  7. Remove pasta once cooked, drain, set aside
  8. To pasta base add in chopped tomatoes, Vegan salsa, Garlic Granules and Sauvignon Blanc, turn heat to high. Get the sauce up to a nice reduced state.
  9. Add rice pasta to pasta sauce, toss, service immediately with two pieces of Basa on top.
  10. ENJOY
Gluten Free Sol Pasta

Gluten Free Sol Pasta

**One serving is only 302 Calories and worth every bite

Rant of the day 


Since when did it become okay for society to publicly shame people for their choices in clothes, appearance or style?

This past year I’ve seen posts on FB that have really made me shake my head, it’s one thing to be funny, another to start a group of hateful bullying comments…

Guess who they are always targeted at lately?! WOMEN!

Guess whom they are usually started by? MEN!

What I find worse is, there is always one woman who wants to be one of the boys so bad that she’ll comment something to shame other women to try and get likes/attention. You my friend are pathetic and yes I am judging you.

To everyone who wants to post things on how body builder women are sexier than natural women, how skinny women have it bad because fat women have learned to embrace themselves a bit after years of oppression, how UGG boots make you look stupid/cheap, how high waisted jean shorts are unflattering etc etc I have one thing to say to you…..


If someone wants to wear something, be comfy, try a new trend, be fat, skinny…. Who cares?!

It’s not YOU, the only person you have the right to judge appearance wise is yourself.

If you are a man, shaming these/any women online, shame on you! Not only for starting conversations like this, but for getting people riled up, for encouraging bully behavior and mentality. What if it were your daughter, niece or friend with low self-esteem, reading the comments to see everyone hate when all she really needs is a bit of encouragement and social acceptance.

Enough of the hate, time to fill your feeds with love, support, and put that passion/fire/verbal diarrhea, hating on others to something useful!! We need to stand for something like awareness of social problems around the world, there are so many social injustices happening in our world, our own country, that we should be furious about. Yet we decide to dwell on the girl walking down the street in dirty uggs.

Make your voice useful.

Good day.